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Hi, I'm Tina . . .

. . I live in beautiful Melbourne, Victoria, Australia !

I wasn't born in Australia, though . . . I came here from England in 1961 on a migrant ship with my parents, brother and two sisters . . . the McDonald family ! Would you like to see some old photos of us ?

I have four sons and three daughters, all now adults (yes, we are quite a large family ! ) and I finally have some time to myself (when the grandchildren aren't visiting ! ) I became interested in the computer when we acquired a scanner and I started experimenting with editing photos, and now I'm completely hooked.

I create personalized greeting cards , business cards, and decorative borders for favourite photos.

I make a variety of calendars , ranging from single page A4 size with a small photo inserted, to 12 page, bound, with laminated A4 photo attached.

I restore old photos , take out unwanted things (or people ! ), or add them if they weren't there,  correct red eyes and enlarge photos up to A4 size. (no negative required of course.)

A recent addition to my interests is personalizing t-shirts by way of iron-on transfers which I make by scanning a photo and adding an appropriate caption. It's fun to do and the results are excellent.

My logo was created from a photo of one of my tattoos , edited in the programme that first attracted me to the world of computers, Aldus Photostyler, which has now been ousted from my favourites list by Adobe Photoshop.

I have a  Nikon Coolpix 5200  digital camera which is my constant companion. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in a pocket or handbag and the prints are excellent.

And on the subject of photos, you'll find some that I've taken of waterfalls I've been to in various locations, from local to the other side of the globe. I've also included my favourite pics of my own waterfall in my garden, and a little bit of fun I had with a waterfall painting. If you like rainbows, there's a few that I've snapped, and I've added some pics of New Zealand too, and several other travel photos.

And the latest addition . . . I'm trying to work out how to use Bryce 2, and I've just posted my first efforts . . . let me know what you think of them please, and if you want, you could maybe give me some hints on how to improve them ! UPDATE !! I've made some into  Lake applets . . .

I'm also into music of many varieties and styles, and I've included a few links to music pages I've come across on my travels. If you like Mozart or Bach, Pop or Alternative, you might find it pleasant to listen to some of these MIDI files.  If you make it through all that, and still want more ( how about some poetry ? ) . . . visit my other site ! !

There's links to various other interesting sites, but be warned, some of the pics you might encounter may offend . . . you don't have to look at them if you don't want to ! So why not just browse on through and . . . .


thanks for visiting


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