My cats


  Tinker joined our family in 1970.
  She had a tail originally, (even though you can't see it here,)
  but lost it after a nasty encounter with a neighbour's
  ginger tom.

  Here she's sharing the swing with Whisky, our part poodle,
  part terrier, part whatever . . . who we had from
  1967 to 1983. Whisky didn't like the swing as much
  as Tinker did !







Craig thought Tinker should wear a hat  
to protect her ears from the sun  . . . 
Tinker wasn't so sure !   









  When Tinker went off to the Rainbow Bridge
  in 1984, we missed her so much that we decided
  to adopt a new kitten, Spooky, who . . we were assured
  by the pet shop salesperson . . was a female. But  . . .








" Don't know what sort of creatures these are ! ! " 







  In 1987, Spooky's tail also met with a mishap.
  He'd been out exploring one day and came home
  with no fur or skin left on half of it  . . . looked
  like he'd had a run-in with some sort of trap.
  The vet said it had to go . . . Spooky was not amused :o(





GrizkitsWhen Grizabella adopted us in 1987, she came as part of a package deal.  
She wandered in one day, emaciated and sad, and I just couldn't resist  
  her plea for help. I fed her, much to Spooky's disapproval, and managed  
to gain her confidence enough to remove a piece of string which was  
tied tightly around her body.   The next day Grizzy returned, with one   
small black and white  kitten scampering closely behind. The following  
day, she brought two kittens,  and on the third day, there were three !  
The kittens were totally feral, and if we did manage to catch one at all, 
it would shred our skin with its needle claws. I continued to feed them  
until we moved to our new home four months later. Grizzy went with us  
and the new family called the Cat Protection society to take two of  
the  kittens, with the intention of taming the third as a pet.  
  How successful they were, I don't know !  



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