This photo of my family was taken in 1994,  it's not easy to get everyone together !

This is my family

Back : My DH Bill, Mark and Sharon,
me on the left with grandson Trent, Kim with Jacinta, Robert, Craig with Joshua
Brad and Tanya

Update... here we are on Craig and Lucy's Wedding Day, 11th March 2005
Robert, Mark, Craig, Lucy, Tina, Tanya, Bill, Kim, Brad, Sharon

Click here to see how we came to be such a large family !

Robin, Ewan and Robert

My eldest son Robert with his wife
Robin and son Ewan 1997

Joshua, Jacinta and Trent

Grandchildren Joshua, Jacinta
and Trent

Update... Christmas 2004
Joshua (14) Jacinta (11) and Trent (12)



and this is Cahli

Update... Cahli (10) and Jemma (3)
October 2004

The new baby


Mitchell  .. 5 minutes old

MITCHELL DENNIS has arrived ! !
Born: 3.45 pm on Friday March 27th 1998


Mitchell at 5 weeks

Here's Mitchell at 5 weeks

Update... October 2004
Maddison (4) Ewan (19) Mitchell (6) Cameron (5)

Christmas 2005
Grandpop's last photos with some of his great-grandkids



More family pics

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