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My interest in tattoos began when, at the age of 42 and after much serious deliberation, I decided to have a small but meaningful design - which I created myself - in a place where it wouldn't show unless I wanted it to. I was disappointed when the artist I chose ( who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons ) informed me that I couldn't have it as small as I wanted because it would be too difficult for him ! After agreeing to have my "Entwined rose and hibiscus" enlarged, I found I was again disappointed by the end result, which really didn't look a lot like my original art. Several months later, I heard of Gary Mooney of "Tattoo Magic" whose studio was then in Bayswater ( Vic )*. I drew a small butterfly and asked him to put it on my left shoulder. His work was brilliant, so I asked him to rework my original piece and the improvement was incredible.

* As at March 2001 Gary Mooney is located in Byron Bay, northern NSW.
Ph: 0409 369 636

Tattoo by Gary Mooney (mine) Left shoulder... done in 3 sessions. Rose and hibiscus first, waterfall next, Luke's dove last. . ...Tattoo by Sally (mine) First two sessions, right leg just above knee level on outside.... . .Tattoo by Sally (mine) Hibiscus and butterfly added
se are mine, and in case you're wondering, the first one is on my left shoulder/chest area ! 
The other is on my right outer thigh.

Mine, as at October 2002
Just keeps on growing !

Mine, left shoulder. Re-coloured by Simon White, October 2002
re-colouring on rainbow, Oct 2002.
The rest of it could do with touching up too.

Scar, October 2002   Tattoo over scar by Simon White. October 2002
new as of October 20th 2002. Before and after on scar
Tattooist... Simon White...

Ken Pritchett and Simon White
Shop 1, No 1, High Street BAYSWATER VIC 3153
Telephone: 03.9720.6434


By then I was well and truly hooked, and started to design a piece which reflected my inner self. My special flowers intermingled with Waterfalls, rainbows, music, the full moon and the stars to create something which is uniquely "me". I had Gary place it so that it incorporated my original piece and the butterfly into one flowing design. Once again, I was rapt with his work.

original art by Tina

tattoos by Sally McDonald ( Healesville,Victoria, Australia), Gazza ( Tauranga, New Zealand), Adam Brill (Victoria, Australia)
and Gary Mooney 


............ . . . Tattoo by Sally . .Tattoo by Sally . .Self-tattoo by Sally .
tattoos by Sally

Somewhere along the way, while all this was happening, my sister, Sally, had quietly been acquiring some tattoing skills herself, mainly by practicing on her own left leg ! I was impressed with what she had done, and asked her to cover up some ugly broken veins that I'd had on my leg for a million years with a small design of flowers and a butterfly. Well, that one just kept on growing, and in fact it hasn't finished growing yet !

Then came a sad time in my life when my tiny grandson, Luke, was born ten weeks prematurely and only lived for nine days. I went back to Gary Mooney and asked him to add a dove and banner with Luke's name on it to my special piece. Gary's work, as usual, was flawless, and is a living tribute to our little boy.
original art by Tina

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