original art by Tina

Early in 1995 my family acquired a scanner, and for the first time, I became interested in the computer. ( "Me ? I'll never use that thing !" - famous last words ! ) I started to make personalized greeting cards, and soon decided I needed a logo to place on the back page. What could possibly represent me better than my body art ? ! So I scanned a photo of my "Waterfall", played around with it a bit, and "Voila !", imagi-Tina-tions was born ! It's been modified a few times since, using various graphics programmes, but the basic image is still there.

Tattoo by Gazza . . Tattoo by Gazza . .Tattoo by Gazza

tattoos by Gazza

Gazza ( Tauranga ) was my next-door neighbour when he and his wife and family lived in Australia. Since returning to his native New Zealand, he has opened his studio in Tauranga and has sent me several photos of his work, three of which you see above.

Tattoo by Sally
by Adam Brill


Debbie's tattoo

Debbie Marie sent me this pic of her tattoo which was done by
Gary Gray from Caboolture in Queensland. His phone number is (07) 5499 4966

original art by Tina

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original art by Tina

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